A montage made by Lajos Vajda in Paris using a photo of Lajos Szabó:

Drawing by Mária Antalffy and Attila Kotányi:

Drawings and photos on Lajos Szabó (1902-1967)


Two photos from the 1930s made on excursions of the “oppo”;
a photo, used by Vajda for his montage;
three photos from the 1960s (photo: Ljubomir Szabó);
the seventh photo was made at an exhibition in Brussels (photo: Ljubomir Szabó).


Two pictures from the 1930s (excursions of the “opposition):
1. From the right: Béla Tábor, Lajos Szabó, Andor Szirtes, ?, Stefania Kohn (later Mrs. Szirtes), Zoltán Kellerman, Capa, Imre Kelemen, Gábor Bíró;
2. Lajos Szabó in the last row to the right;
Two photos from the wedding ceremony of Lajos Szabó and Ágnes Polgár:
3. with Béla Tábor;
4. Further back Ilka Gedő, Stefánia Mándy, behind them Attila Kotányi and Béla Tábor;
5. Lajos Szabó and Klári Bíró in Dusseldorf, in the 1960s.

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