Portraits of Lajos Szabó: photos and drawings

LAJOS SZABÓ (1902-1967)
thinker and artist

“What becomes a sign depends on the level of our sensitivity”



cv (English)

cv (short, English)


  • Logic of faith – Theocentric Logic 1. (1937)

    Chapter VI. Will - Excerpt
    Chapter VII. Sign and image
    (translated by C. Kotanyi and I. Cziegler)

  • Indictment against the Spirit (with Béla Tábor, 1937)
    not yet available in English,
    for the table of contents click here

  • Mammonism - a Natural History
         (translated by István Cziegler)

  • Literature and Fright
         (translated by István Cziegler)

  • Lead or follow! (Shorter writings/1)


    On Philosophy
    On Kant
    (translated by I. Cziegler)

  • The intersection between the vast forces of theism and atheism
    (translated by I. Cziegler):


    NIETZSCHE – About the conduct of our selves in the presence of great thinkers

    Contributions to the role of scientific socialism and its unknown features,      1936-38
    Some remarks on the criticism of Marxism,      1934

    Some remarks on the criticism of scientific socialism,
         1938 (not yet available)

    Contributions to the problems of set theory
    (not yet available)

  • The seminars of 1946–1950,
    noted by A. Kotányi and Gy. Kunszt


    The architecture of silence
         (translated by I. Cziegler)

    The first lecture in German
         (translated by E. Zador)

    On the theory of signs, maths and language, selected by Ádám Tábor
         (not yet available)

  • Theocentric Logic 2.
    (1948, published posthumously, not yet available in English)

    A short summary of Szabó's theory of signs
    (From Theocentric Logic/2 and from the texts of his seminar on the theory of signs, selected by B. Tabor)

  • Art and religion
    Kunst und Religion, in German    

  • From the unpublished manuscripts

         (translated by I. Cziegler)

    Other essays in Hungarian:

    Biblia és romantika
    (Bible and romanticism)

    Irodalom és rémület
    (Literature and fright)

    Trinitárius világfelfogás
    (The Trinitarian Worldview)

    Notes on aesthetics:
    Az 1943-as Vajda Lajos emlékkiállításra (On the Memorial Exhibition of Lajos Vajda held in 1943)

    All texts in Hungarian available here

  • Art

    Drawings 1957-1967, a selection

    Drawings in "Die Berliner Sammlung Kalligraphie" of the "Akademie der Künste, Berlin"


  • Presence-of-Mind Calligraphies

    1. The Budapest Exhibition in May, 2011 (Gallery 2B)

    curated by Á. Horváth, B. Szendrői and L. Böröcz,
    Extracts from Lajos Szabó's writings selected by Á. Tábor,
    multimedia: J. Bali.

    On-line catalogue of the exhibition

    János Bali's opening musical performance:

    Uri Asaf's Opening in Hungarian

    2. The Eger Exhibition in October, 2011 (Ars GEometrica Art&Science Gallery)

    curated by K. Liptai, K. Fenyvesi, I. Szilágyi, Á. Horváth, B. Szendrői
    Extracts from Lajos Szabó's writings selected by Á. Tábor (in Hungarian)

    "Axiomatics is poetry: the weighing of words" –
    Lectures and informal discussion on the works of Lajos Szabó
    8th November 2011, Eger, Ars GEometrica

    joint exhibitions in Budapest (1997) and Düsseldorf (1998)
    curated by A. Kotányi

    (This catalogue is not yet available. For some writings see next column.)

  • The Rebirth of the Image in the Age of Genetics
    Exhibition in Pannonhalma (Hungary), 1995
    A. Kotanyi's opening (in Hungarian)    

  • Szabó Lajos – an Introduction
    The 1980 exhibition in Budapest
    curated by D. Bíró and B. Kocsis
    Catalogue of the 1980 exhibition
    (in German and Hungarian)

  • LAJOS SZABÓ - Dessins
    Galerie Lambert, Paris, 1966
    Documents in French with a poem by P. Chaulot    

  • Zeichnerische Meditationen – Physiognomische Studien
    Meditations in Drawings – Physiognomical Studies
    'Karl-Ernst Osthaus' Museum Hagen, 1962

  • Louis Szabó
    Galerie PTAH Bruxelles, 1960

  • Zeichnerische Meditationen
    Meditations in drawings – Gartensaal Dortmund, 1960

  • 5 Hungarian Painters    
    Lajos Vajda, Lajos Szabó, André Bálint, Attila Kotányi, Lyubomir Szabó
    Palais des Beaux Arts Bruxelles, 1958

    Other Exhibitions:

  • Fokswang Museum, Essen, 1964
  • Strake Galerie, Düsseldorf, 1961
  • Palais des Congres, Berlin, 1960
  • Haus der Begegnung, München, 1960
  • Haus der Begegnung, Hamburg, 1960
  • Private exhibitions, Budapest, 1955 and 1956

    From reading to drawing:

    Some pages from Jaspers' book on Nietzsche with the marginal notes of Lajos Szabó

  • Activity, connections, spiritual leadership

  • The Budapest Dialogical School
    (Founders: Lajos Szabó and Béla Tábor)

    For details click here

  • The “Thursday Conversations” (1945-1947),
    led by Béla Hamvas, Lajos Szabó and Béla Tábor

    A study about this workshop:
    Ádám Tábor,
    Concourse at the centre

  • Lajos Vajda and Lajos Szabó

    A montage of Lajos Vajda using a photo of Lajos Szabó

    Ágnes Horváth,
    Un penseur peintre : Lajos Szabó (1902-1967) et un peintre penseur : Lajos Vajda (1908-1941)

    (in French)

    Some further documents in Hungarian

  • The seminars of 1946-1950
    see the left column

    Writings about Lajos Szabó

    In English

    László Surányi - Ádám Tábor
    The Budapest Dialogical School
    (translated by B. Szendrői)

    Ádám Tábor
    Concourse at the centre
    (translated by D. Sipos)

    Mia Shandell
    The Jews in the desert and Lajos Szabó's calligraphies

    Miklós Abért
    The mathematics of Lajos Szabó

    Mia Shandell
    Rhythm and Tone in the Calligraphy of Lajos Szabó

    In French

    A poem by Paul Chaulot
    from the catalogue of the exhibition in Paris, 1966

    Ágnes Horváth
    Un penseur peintre : Lajos Szabó (1902-1967) et un peintre penseur : Lajos Vajda (1908-1941)

    In German

    Béla Tábor
    Lajos Szabós spekulative Zeichenkunst*

    EIKON – Die spekulativen graphischen Bildschriften von Lajos Szabó
    (Deutsch-Ungarisch) Texte von und über/Texts by and about L. Szabó, ausgew./selected by A. Kotányi

    Béla Hamvas
    Anklageschfrift gegen den Geist Rezension, (Indictment against the Spirit, a review translated to German)*

    Stefánia Mándy
    Lajos Szabó oder die Avantgarde uralten Glaubens*

    Kunszt György
    Zur Eröffnung der Graphikaustellung von Lajos Szabó im Jahre 1980*

    Magda Huszár
    Blitzschlag und Regenbogen*

    In Hungarian

    Béla Tábor
    Szabó Lajosról (On Lajos Szabó)

    Stefánia Mándy
    Szabó Lajost megérteni (To understand Lajos Szabó)

    Antal Szerb
    Review of the book Vádirat a szellem ellen (Indictment against the spirit) in the periodical ”Nyugat„ (West), 1937 htm | pdf

    * Texts published or republished in EIKON – Texte neu oder nachgedruckt in EIKON

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