Lajos Szabó

Activity, spiritual leadership

The Budapest Dialogical School

(Founders: Lajos Szabó and Béla Tábor)

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The “Thursday Conversations” (1945-1947)

led by Béla Hamvas, Lajos Szabó and Béla Tábor

A study about this workshop:
Ádám Tábor,
Concourse at the centre

Lajos Vajda and Lajos Szabó

A montage of Lajos Vajda using a photo of Lajos Szabó

Ágnes Horváth,
Un penseur peintre : Lajos Szabó (1902-1967) et un peintre penseur : Lajos Vajda (1908-1941)
(in French)

Some further documents in Hungarian

The seminars of 1946-1950

noted by A. Kotányi and Gy. Kunszt

The architecture of silence
(translated by I. Cziegler)

The first lecture in German
(translated by E. Zador)

On the theory of signs, maths and language, selected by Ádám Tábor
(not yet available)