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Logic of faith – Theocentric Logic 1. (1937)
Excerpts in English (translated by Ch. K. and I. Cz.):
Chapter VI. Will
Chapter VII. Sign and image

Mammonism - a Natural History (undated)*

Bible and Romanticism (1941-43)*

Lead or follow! (Shorter writings 1; undated, translated by I. Cz.)*:
On Philosophy: PhilosophyOn Kant Identity

Diagonals (1930s)

Indictment against the Spirit (1936, jointly with Béla Tábor)
Table of contents

Contributions to the questions of set theory (1937-38)*

The intersection between the vast forces of theism and atheism (Shorter writings 2)*
Excerpts (translated by I. Cz.):
On Nietzsche: About the conduct of our selves in the presence of great thinkers
On Marxism: Contributions to the role of scientific socialism and its unknown features (1936-38)
Some remarks on the criticism of Marxism (1934)

Literature and fright (1946)

Art and religion (1946)

The trinitarian worldview (undated)*

A summary of the theory of signs (1947-48, selected by Béla Tábor, translated by B. Sz., published in the catalogue of the 1980 exhibition)

Theocentric Logic 2 (1948, published posthumously)

Seminars on Psychology, Economics, The theory of values, Existentialism and the Indian tradition, Set theory and language mathesis (1946–1950, notes by Attila Kotányi and György Kunszt, published in 1997-1999).
Excerpt (translated by I. Cz.): The architecture of silence

The writings denoted by an asterisk were first published posthumously in 1989. Translators: István Cziegler, Christophe Kotanyi, Balázs Szendrői.

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